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What is your photographic style?

First and foremost, photojournalistic. My style is to cover the goings on of your wedding day with as little intrusion as possible. I specialize in candid, modern photography, and work to make sure I capture the details, emotions and natural expressions that make each wedding unique and special. People find me friendly, easy-going and pleasant to work with, and I am nearly always smiling while I work because I love what I do.


Will you be our photographer?

Yep! I'm the one whose photos and style you like, so I'm the one who shoots your day. If you'd like two photographers to cover your wedding, I'm happy to discuss that with you, but I shoot 99% of my weddings solo and my couples have always been more than happy with the results.


Do you do engagement sessions separately from wedding packages?

Yes, absolutely! Engagement sessions are so much fun! If you are traveling elsewhere for your wedding, but would like them done in Montana, I can definitely make that happen. However, that being said, I also travel for weddings, so if you'd like me to cover your wedding outside of Montana, I can certainly make that a reality! See below for more details.


Do you travel?

Yes indeed, and I love it! Montana has my heart, but I also adore traveling both in the states and internationally! So if your wedding is taking place somewhere particularly awesome or remote or beautiful or exotic or meaningful to you, then by all means, take me with you so I can help capture it all for you. I do require airfare, lodging and generally a rental car. Pricing for destination weddings is the same as my normal rates.


Where are you located?

My home base is in beautiful Missoula, Montana.


Do you photograph things other than weddings?

Yep! Lifestyle portraiture is a favorite of mine, I always have a great time telling stories via the multimedia realm, and I have a soft spot for pretty food photography. I also freelance as a photojournalist for various publications around the United States.


What are your rates?

My wedding collections start at $2800. Portraits vary, but start between $250 and $450. Please contact me for more detailed pricing.


How can I book you?

To book your wedding with me and secure your date I require a retainer as well as a signed contract. The balance is due, at the very latest, 10 days before the day I shoot your photos. I do book my dates on a first-come first-serve basis, so I do not hold dates until I actually receive the retainer fee and signed contract. If someone else is asking about services on your date, I will try my best to inform you of their interest.


What is a first look?

A first look is a moment where the couple sees one another before the wedding ceremony. First looks can be a very sweet, intimate moment that allows you to get nerves out of the way and get excited about your wedding together. First looks are oftentimes documented by me as they provide some truly beautiful moments. Another benefit is being able to do more of your formal portraits prior to your ceremony. A really beautiful option to consider.


What is an unplugged wedding?

An unplugged wedding is one where the couple asks that guests refrain from taking photos during the ceremony. This is done mainly because, as you know, we live in a highly digital world where nearly everyone has a camera - which is great! But this also results in photos of your guests with cameras covering not only their faces but their joyful expressions as you are walking down the aisle. So, if you would like to see the smiling faces and emotions of your guests, you may want to ask them to tuck the cameras away for your ceremony.


Do you take traditional family portraits at weddings?

I will absolutely make formal photos at your wedding. And if you don’t want formal photos, that’s fine, too. But please remember, you have hired me for my candid, photojournalistic eye, so we'll make a list ahead of time and stick to it to keep things manageable and fun.


Do you help direct us in photographs?

Yes, it's a part of my job to help you look your best, so if you need a little reminder to stand up straight or loosen your shoulders, I am more than happy to guide you to your best look.


How many photos will I get?

The number of photos I make varies greatly depending on how many hours I'm shooting. I shoot as much as I can without sacrificing quality for quantity, so my couples generally receive anywhere from 500 to 800 images.


What are your albums and products like?

You can read more about and see wedding albums and portrait products here!


Do I have to feed you?

If I'm shooting for 5 hours or more, yes, and it is SO very appreciated! I eat quickly, I’m not picky and don't need anything special, diet-wise. You don’t have to seat me with the guests, but I’m glad to make conversation, and it’s even better if I can keep an eye on the activities going on to make sure I don’t miss any moments.


Do you have a photo booth i can book for my event?

I sure do! And it's a lot more fun than a boring old box that people sit in. Why? Because it involves interaction with the photo booth photographer, which means the images are even MORE fun than traditional photo booths. Pop on over to the photo booth page to read more.


Do you offer trash the dress sessions?

Yes, for sure! I like to refer to them as "rock the dress" sessions because my portraits are more about celebrating your dress, not ruining it. (However, if you want to hop in a river or have a little extra fun with it, then by all means, let's go for it!) Sessions most often take place a day or two after your wedding, but many of my couples enjoy having their session at a different time of year or even as an anniversary treat. Your partner is absolutely welcome to participate as well - the more the merrier! You can see examples of some rock the dress photos here.


do you mentor or offer consults to other photographers?

Yes! I love helping and teaching others (and I've got the experience to boot - I am an adjunct professor of photojournalism at the University of Montana). You can read more about what I offer on the "for photographers" page.


Are you married?

Nope, not yet! Still on the search for the right guy - know of any eligible bachelors? ;)


What gear do you use?

Take a peek at what's in my bag over here.


Are you on social media?

Yep! You can find me on:



Instagram (fair warning, this is a mixture of business pics, regular old real-life images, and lotsa birdie photos!)

Pinterest (where you will soon be made aware of my sweet tooth and love of cilantro)


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