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Glacier National Park Painting with Light Lake McDonald and Stars - Kristine Paulsen Photography

I believe in the magic of mountains and the serenity of stars.

And painting with light on the shores of Lake McDonald in Glacier National Park is wonderfully fun. Especially when shooting stars make an appearance.

I believe in humor and having fun with life!

Sometimes you just have to laugh and dance when you're experiencing a Missoula autumn day as beautiful as this one was.

Grandma and Grandpop 1947 Wedding
Mom and Dad in Wisconsin

I believe in love.

And I'm lucky enough to have had many wonderful role models in my life to show me what it's all about.


Pictured here - my grandparents on their wedding day in 1947, and my parents in their garden.

Photo fun with Friends in the Mountains
Handful of Huckleberries - Kristine Paulsen Photography

I believe in true friends and grand adventures!

There's nothing better than having a blast with great people, playing with my camera, and enjoying a handful of huckleberries to boot. (Pardon the terrible selfie - my arms are only so long and my camera is big!)

Flash the Parrotlet and Chives - Kristine Paulsen Photography
Mozart the Canary Bird - Kristine Paulsen Photography

I believe in sweet little birds.

Flash is the blue parrotlet and Mozart is the orange canary. Flash loves to talk, and Mozart loves to sing. They have both been formally invited to one of my couples' weddings - and it still cracks me up. I love a great sense of humor!

Pastel Chocolate Cake - Kristine Paulsen Photography
Pastel Chocolate Cake and Slice - Kristine Paulsen Photography

I believe in cake.

Yep, I said it.


Cake is beautiful, cake is tasty, cake is super fun to make. I love cake. And I love surprising people with it. My friends and family can attest to this.


P.S. Don't worry - I love and eat my veggies and fruits too. :)

Backpacking in a Panama Jungle - Kristine Paulsen Photography
Costa Rican Market with Birds - Kristine Paulsen Photography

I believe in expanding one's horizons.

Both physically through travel, and mentally through continual lifelong learning. (I've got a BA in English and an MA in Photojournalism and I still can't get enough of learning new things.)


Pictured: me in a Panamanian jungle (there's a pretty funny story that goes along with that one), and a Costa Rican market. Notice all the bird cages?

Kristine with Lilacs - Kristine Paulsen Photography
Kristine in Grass - Kristine Paulsen Photography

I believe in the power of smiling and experiencing joy in life.

I swear, there's nothing that a smile and a good laugh can't cure, and I think we could all benefit from doing a little more of it.

I believe in YOU and your beauty.

Grandma and Grandpop and Car - Kristine Paulsen Photography

I don't care about your age, your shape, your size or your relationship - I don't care because I want to photograph everyone's beauty and in the way the world sees you.


I see beauty every day, in everyone I photograph, because true beauty comes from within.


Pictured: my beautiful, rocking-their-80s grandparents.


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