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I sometimes have people say to me, "Why on earth do you photograph weddings?" I think the main reason is that there is nothing more beautiful than being witness to such a variety of emotions - and being able to capture these moments for people.


In my opinion, wedding photography is not just about soft light and pretty flowers and lace on dresses. It's about expression and emotion and moment and reality and life and laughter and tears. It's about humor and nerves and surprises and eye crinkles and reflection and deep breaths and connection. It's about misplaced shoes and spontaneously jumping into lakes and toddlers running and stolen kisses and silly socks and weathered hands and sparkly eyes and dancing feet. It's about all these things and more. Because your wedding day isn't your wedding day with just pretty flowers. Or a just lace dress. Or a just dashing boutonnière. It's all of these things with the people and the emotions that make all of it important to you.


That's what I'm looking for. That's what makes me giddy. That's what makes me smile all day. That's what makes me grateful to be on this earth doing what I love, and documenting yours. The human spirit is amazing. Every. Little. Ounce. And, pulling strongly from my photojournalism background, my photos speak to that amazing spirit, the fast-paced nature of a wedding day, and the unpredictability of it all. And it means that each wedding is truly unique and uniquely documented and I adore that.


I also have a deeply-rooted love for the west and the people who live here, Montana in particular. And I know I'm not the only one. So many people choose to be married in these beautiful locations because of the love of place - and I get that to my very core. It's important to me to show that in my photos as well, because I, like many others, will never stop being amazed by the natural world in which we get to live. Mountains, rivers, lakes and trees - and that beautiful, big sky - will always have my heart.


So, if you find yourself hearing wedding bells off in the distance and would like to meet with me, please send me a note. I'm more than happy to meet with you in my sweet little home-studio in Missoula, over the phone, or via the magic of the Internet. And remember, I photograph elopements too, and love to do so!


If you'd like to check out recent wedding blog posts in full, pop on over to the Kristine Paulsen Photography blog to see the wonderful couples with whom I've had the opportunity to work. You'll find wedding photos here, fun engagement images here, and rock the dress sessions here. Enjoy!

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